Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Become a Member of J.U.G.S. Inc., Los Angeles?

A current member can suggest to the board, someone who may be interested in joining the organization. That individual is given a membership application and once filled out, it is reviewed by the group who discusses the qualifications of the individual and the potential invitation to join the group and be installed into the organization.

How Can Students Apply for a Scholarship?

Students can apply for our scholarship program by completely filling out a scholarship application.  The application must be submitted to the scholarship committee by a current member of the organization.  The committee meets and discusses the applicant and ensures all the criteria is met and based on availability a decision is made whether or not to admit the individual into our Scholarship Program.  Due to limited funding and the number of request received, not all applicants will be accepted.

How Can I Donate to J.U.G.S. Inc., Los Angeles?

You can make a donations 365 days a year to supoprt our organization.  You can click on the "Donate Now! icon to your left or you make your tax deductible donation payable to J.U.G.S., Inc. and mail to P.O. Box 561637, Los Angeles, California 90056-1637.

What is the Diamond Award and Scholarship Luncheon Fundraiser?

Our Diamond Award and Scholarship Luncheon is our annual fundraising event.  It is here where we honor Community, Political and Corporate Leaders whom embody our philosopies of helping and furthering the education of our youth and in so doing helping to better our community.  We also present our scholarship recipients to our supporters and leaders alike, have the opportunity to meet and hear from the wonderful young men and women we assist through our scholarship program.

What is J.U.G.S. Inc., Los Angeles Mission Statement?

The primary interest of J.U.G.S. Incorporated is the welfare of children. In an effort to expand its local focus, J.U.G.S., Inc. perceived the inspiration to address the educational, social and economic needs of the youth in our community. Subsequently, we established the scholarship program as our primary objective. Ongoing Corporate subsidies have made the J.U.G.S.’ Scholarship Program one of the most outstanding of its kind and a beacon light in the community.